The F-22A Raptor is a free mod for DCS World. The project started in early 2018 with a goal of learning how to create a module for DCS from the ground up. The original mod utilized the Flaming Cliffs 3 F-15C module flight model. As I learned more and more using the F-15C cockpit was simply not acceptable so we created a cockpit from scratch. The new version of the mod circa 2019 featured the same F-15C Flight model with a new unique cockpit (not clickable) that had a few custom MFD pages you could cycle thru. Eventually, ED made some changes to they way mods can be made and distributed that caused the F-22A to fail. I moved my attention to other projects including the Edge 540 Mod featured in the Virtual Air Racing Series and Virtual Blue Angels F-4J Phantom, working with some of the best minds in the community. Recently, the use of the original F-22A mod in YouTube videos has sparked an renewed interest in the content. In October of 2020 I decided give the entire module a full overhaul.

Thank you all for the positive feedback and continued support. ~Grinnelli

Official F-22A Mod Updates

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Meet The New F-22A Raptor Mod

Weapon Bay Functionality

Due to the FC3 F-15C avionics some functionality could not be synced between the F-15 SMS and the F-22 SMS(Bay Page).

I added 4 HOTAS Weapon Bay commands (Left-Center-Right-All) that can be used to select what bay you want to open when you fire a missile.

The HOTAS Weapon Bay Select binds will also override the HUD into the various modes i.e. Selecting Left or Right bay will activate FLOOD/BORE/VS mode on the HUD and selecting Center or all will activate BVR mode on the HUD and Radar.

The idea here is to have the ability to merge with an enemy select left or right bays for combat and cycle combat modes at the same time.

The Raptor will spawn with the doors open when cold on the ramp and you will need main power or ground power ON in order to close the bay doors.

Use OSB 17 to operate the GROUND OVERRIDE function.

NOTE: The white dots indicate what bay is selected not how many missiles you have left in the bay.

NOTE: If you have two AIM-9X equipped the LEFT side will always fire before the RIGHT side!

NOTE: This page does not replace the standard F-15 SMS Page

FCS Functionality

The F-22A features a brand new FCS that will simulate the fly-by-wire using the SFM. (Simple Flight Model)

AUTO MODE: Automatically changes FCS mode based on HUD mode.


ORIDE MODE: Turn the F-22 FCS system off.

Used for Takeoff, Landing, AAR, extreme combat conditions

G ORIDE MODE: Override the FCS to stay in G Mode.

Useful for formation flying

AOA ORIDE MODE: Override the FCS to stay in AOA Mode.

Useful for BVR combat

NOTE: Pitch Trim must be bound to FCS TRIM: NOSE UP/DWN

NOTE: FCS Pitch Trim must be repeatedly pressed to adjust.

NOTE: Thrust Vectoring Animations are for effect and not functional

Important Information!  Please Read Before Taking Flight

It is very IMPORTANT you follow this portion of the guide setup the controls..

F-22A Requirements:

DCS World

F-15C Module or FC3

Axis Control Setup

Do not use the standard pitch or wheel brake inputs

  • Setup your pitch axis to the F-22 FCS Pitch Axis action.
  • Setup your brake axis accordingly using the F-22 FCS Wheel Brakes action.

HOTAS/Keyboard Binds Setup

Do not use the standard pitch trim or wheel brake input

Setup your pitch trim controls to the FCS Trim: Nose Up and FCS Trim: Nose Down.

If you do not have a dual stage weapon trigger only use the second detent input.

If you’d like to support the hard work and dedication that went into creating the F-22A Raptor Mod, consider checking out FSOutlet for your Flight Simulator needs! Even simply sharing FSOutlet.com with friends is saying thanks.

We appreciate your support.


Currently the SFM (Simple Flight Model) does not even though the animations are in place.

ED has stopped the ability for the mod community to use any ED Flight Models in stand alone mods. This caused the original version of the F-22A mod to stop working as it used the F-15.dll for the flight model. Moving forward the updated F-22A mod will still require the player to own the F-15C or FC3.

NO…You must have the F-15C or FC3.

With the F-22A being a 5th Gen fighter the community expects to use radios, AWACS, Air-Air Refueling, Radar with infallible IFF, & Active Missiles from the original version of the mod.

The quickest option to get the mod up and running again is to borrow the avionics from FC3.

Yes, I have taken the liberty to attempt to add as much extra logic as possible!

Yes, I have created logic that will allow you to control the weapon bays and they will open automatically now.

Go to the very bottom of the mission editor and next to the “tank” icon there is a clock. Uncheck that icon and you are good to go!

The million dollar question… Short answer is not anytime soon.

I have made attempts to work on such a thing but its going to take me forever and a day to figure it out.

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