Thank you for being a dedicated customer of Flight Sim Outlet! To reward our aviators, every purchase you make you’ll earn loyalty points! Those points can be spent anytime you go to check out!


With every product you purchase you’ll earn 10 points for every dollar spent! The total amount of points will be displayed on the product page

$20.00 Product = 200 Points


Save up your points or spend them anytime you want! No limits!

Points never expire! If you’re patient enough, you can save up your points and even redeem them for a 100% free product!


When you go to your cart before checkout, you have the option to spend your points or save them.

At the bottom of the cart page your total earned points will be displayed. You can use a fraction of them, or use them all!

Every dollar spent = 10 Points. On a $40.00 purchase, you’ll earn 400 Points! For a $1.00 purchase, you’ll earn 10 points.

You can save your points up forever! Points never expire!

There is no limit to how many of your loyalty points you can redeem! If you saved up enough points you can redeem them for a completely free product!

Yes! Every time you review a product you will earn 10 Points! An affiliate system may be coming soon so keep an eye out! Signup for our newsletter to be informed of when this will happen!

No. Anytime you redeem points, Flight Sim Outlet will eat the cost and the developer will receive 100% of their commission.

100 Points = $0.50. 1000 Points = $5.00 10,000 Points = $50.00

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