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Italian light weight fighter aircraft

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  • Highly detailed model, fully animated
  • Highly detailed 3D cockpit, fully animated and working
  • Frame rate friendly in single and multiplayer
  • 3 models: R1, R3 and PAN (to be delivered soon)


  • Highly detailed, high definition, PBR
  • Several different liveries


  • Almost all real system have been modelled and working as the real thing
  • Flight dynamics modelled close to real aircraft performances tables
  • DDIS (Dynamic Drag Index System)
  • Aircraft configurator for payload and refuelling
  • Weapon system to carry and drop bombs
  • Payload fully congruent in both single and multiplayer mode
  • Payload drop actually changes aircraft weight, balance and drag index (DDIS)


  • Model comes with complete documentations (see Docs folder in the model tree)
  • Normal/weapons procedures checklists
  • A brief tutorial
  • Real aircraft manual R1 (Italian) and R3 (English)


  • Support is a service that we provide to our users at no cost and on a voluntary basis, for this reason it is possible that there are delays in responses.
  • To request support please write an email to: indicating your ORDER NUMBER and USER ID at
  • E-Mails without above information won’t be processed


  • OS: Window 10 version 20H2
  • CPU: INTEL 5 (suggested INTEL 7 at least 3.5 Ghz)
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA (suggested SERIES 1000 or higher), not tested on AMD
  • HD: 3 Gb free space on MSFS 2020 Community device


  • Download and run installer (as admin)
  • Installer is able to detect plain MS Store and STEAM installation and proposes the installation folder, user may accept or not, if user does not accept he must point the installer on the his customized Community folder
  • Also he must point the installer to his customized Community folder if the installer cannot find the default installation

We develop military aircraft models, realistic scenarios, network systems, Air Combat solutions, and much more to make flight simulation as attractive as possible. We are currently providing solutions for Microsoft Flight Simulator ®  and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®.

  1. Alessandro (Italy), works for a civilian air rescue unit onboard SAR helicopters, takes care of textures and sounds;
  2. Bonnie (Italy),  graphic expert, he works on 3D models and textures;
  3. Davide (Italy), aerospace flight test engineer, works for Leonardo Aircraft Division, he is a system developer;
  4. Diego (Spain), orthopedic surgeon, he works on flight dynamics;
  5. Marcin (Poland), lives in Luxembourg, ICT Project Manager with 19 years of professional experience in software development;
  6. Mario (Italy), former F104 pilot in Italian Air Force, he is a system C/C++ programmer,  works on C/C++/XML/Lua programming for sytems and gauges. He’s the SSW head and co-founder;
  7. Rob (Netherlands), takes care of VTOL gauges and in general non-FSX dynamics;
  8. Roy (USA), former RAF pilot, he takes care of flight dynamics and systems;
  9. Russel, (United Kingdom,) he works on effects and static modeling.


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2 reviews for SSW FIAT-AERITALIA G-91

  1. hopetofly1 (verified owner)

    Wonderful first attempt at a fighter jet-like aircraft in MSFS! While a lot of it is still not finished(because of the SDK) I have to say, it’s a very fun aircraft to fly. The price is a little high but you won’t be disappointed! The flight Model feels like the DCS F-86, which is a very good thing because this aircraft is similar to the F-86. A big step in military aircraft in FS2020 was made with this plane, it includes an external rearming menu which is a little hard to find but it’s under Community/(G91 Folder)/Data. Another big step is the fact that this jet has working weapons! You can drop bombs! With all of these features and tons more to come you should definitely pick up this jet!

  2. Robert Leavitt (verified owner)

    Have users check security settings.

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