How do I register as a Vendor?

Want to sell your products through Flight Sim Outlet? Under “Vendors” click on Vendor Registration and fill out the form. We will review your vendor request and send you a commission agreement to sign. Once you have filled out the commission agreement we will activate your account! Happy selling!

How long will it take until I’m able to list products?

Within 24 hours. Once you’ve submitted your account for registration, we will send you an email with the Commission Agreement. You must sign the commission agreement and send it back to us via email.

Once we receive your signed copy of the commission agreement, we will enable your account! Happy Selling!

How much commission will I receive for my products?

All Vendors will receive 75% of the final sale price on all products. Tax will only be included in states/regions where applicable for Flight Sim Outlet to conduct business. Currently we only collect sales tax in New Jersey.

Can I discount my products? 

Yes! As a Vendor you can discount your products at anytime for a maximum length of two weeks with a one month period at full price in-between vendor run sales.

Can I withdraw my earnings at anytime?

Yes, but at a 10% fee. Monthly payments will be sent out within 10 days of the end of the month with no fee except for the 25% commission that Flight Sim Outlet takes.

Download Speeds

All files are stored securely via Amazon S3 Buckets so you can be confident our website and all of your products will always be accessible! Downloading your products will be a breeze, as long as the user has a good internet connection, S3 will take full advantage of your bandwidth to give you the fastest possible download speeds offering up to 25GB/s

No installer? No Problem!

Upload your add-ons in the form of a Zip or RAR file and we’ll take care of the rest.

FSOutlet will create an installer for your product, making the install process seamless for the customer. MSFS Does not currently allow Digital Rights Management or (DRM), For X-Plane and P3D, our installer checks to make sure the person installing your add-on has indeed purchased the product through FSOutlet, and that the key is currently active. If we notice that specific installer is being used on multiple computers or in multiple locations, we will put a hold on that activation, rendering the installer useless.

Store-Wide Sales!

As a Vendor, having to update your products constantly and managing sales might seem meticulous, FSOutlet will run 4 Sales per year that you, the vendor won’t have to touch a thing! You can set discounts on your products at any point, if you don’t want to be responsible for that, We’ll automatically put your products on sale during these site-wide sale events.

What can FSOutlet do for you?

FSOutlet wants the best for our vendors to make sure every product reaches the widest audience possible. Simulated Aviation is our sister website that hosts news, reviews, and community based information.


  • 50,000 Average Pageviews Monthly
  • YouTube Channel with 60,000 Views and Climbing!
  • Discord Community with 500+ Members
  • Affiliated with Social Influencers that total 18,000 Subscribers combined.

Check back regularly for updated statistics!

Every time you add a new product to Flight Sim Outlet, Simulated Aviation will post an article to the website, and share your product to Facebook, Twitter, and Discord! Your product may even end up with a video review!

Direct Contact with the FSOutlet Team

Have questions or want to run ideas by the FSOutlet team? You can contact us directly via email, but we also can be reached easily through Facebook and Discord. Simply send us a message and we’ll get back to you usually within a few hours.

Monthly Newsletters

At the end of each month, Flight Sim Outlet will send out a Newsletter to all users that subscribe! Showcasing new vendors, products, and sales currently being held on FSOutlet. Currently we have 125+ users signed up for monthly newsletters!

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